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Reaching retirement Age? Get up to +33% retirement income*!

We assist you in planning for retirement with a simple idea: providing solutions that may enable you to retire sooner and with greater financial confidence. Begin by accessing the best books and resources to learn about our Retirement Strategies-for FREE!

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Help boost your retirement income. Over 50K satisfied clients trust us.

Want to improve your retirement income?

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Our Purpose is to Champion retirement income planning for every client at all levels of income and in every stage of life. You deserve a retirement Strategy that will leave you feeling more financially confident during your golden years.

Help Improve your Retirement Income with our Annuity Advisors, we will help you address your financial concerns with strategies to help meet your retirement goals.

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Help Maximize Your Retirement Income

The good news is that baby boomers are living longer than any other generation. The result is you are now required to fund for a longer retirement.

Discover ways to create up to 33% more income^ in retirement with our little known strategies. These strategies can help you best utilize funds from your IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement savings plans2.

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Help Maximize Social Security Benefits

We believe Social Security is the cornerstone to your retirement. There are more than 80 different ways a couple can claim today. It is crucial that couples utilize an optimum strategy on how and when to file for Social Security benefits***. We may be able to help you identify the best time to turn this benefit on for your retirement goals. Many retirees mistakenly claim at the wrong time and leave hundreds of thousands of dollars of lifetime benefits on the table.

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Help Reduce or Eliminate Some Taxes

We can help identify strategies to reduce or eliminate taxes on your Social Security and retirement income2. By reducing taxes, more of what you receive is yours to spend and you may be able to better maximize your retirement funds and reduce the risk of running short of money.

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It’s about the income in retirement, not the net worth going in

People often try to build enough wealth so that it will last through retirement, using calculators or searching for "magic numbers". We believe what truly matters in retirement is creating a monthly income stream that is guaranteed* to last for the rest of your life. That means having a predictable payout every month to cover all your expenses, just like you had during your working years. Interest rate fluctuations, stock market volatility, inflation, and the national debt will all be in constant flux during a retiree’s life; what doesn’t change is the need for consistent, steady, predictable monthly income during retirement. **

"Our Approach to income is all wrong: we need to think about monthly income, not net worth" Robert C. Merton, Economic Sciences Nobel Prize. - Robert C. Merton - Renowned economist and a Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences.

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"I was able to have as many sessions as I needed in order to understand things and that was very important to me. I felt educated about things that I hadn’t understood before."



"Thanks to Annuity General, I’m making 6 times more than I was before. [And] my security, I feel, is incredible."



"This is the best decision I have ever made. My money is working for me more so than me working for my money."



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Our Commitment

We understand your concerns:

We understand that financial security in retirement is a priority for you. We specialise in addressing the common concerns of people in retirement, such as maintaining sustainable income and protecting your wealth.

Customized solutions:

We offer a wide range of financial products, including fixed insurance and annuity products. We work with you to find the the best combination to suit your unique financial needs and goals.

Transparency and education:

We believe in the importance of making informed decisions. We provide free resources, reports, guides and informational videos to help you better understand your financial options.

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