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Securing Your Future: Mastering Retirement Income Strategies for Lifelong Stability

Developing and overseeing a retirement spending strategy is a complex process. As life expectancies increase, so do the challenges. Greater numbers of retirees need to rely more on their investment portfolios than on guaranteed sources of income such as pension plans. Yields on balanced and fixed income portfolios are at historically low levels. Inflation is on the rise. These circumstances leave many searching for ways to increase the income generated from their retirement portfolios. This book provides a framework to help create a sustainable and relatively constant level of income and plan for other financial goals without undue risk.

Strategizing for a Steady Retirement: Beyond the 'Magic Number

Generally speaking, people don’t plan on failing, they fail to plan. When it comes to planning for retirement, your goal may be to build enough wealth to last you through the longest possible outcome. However, trying to compute your “magic number” or how much money you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle and last you through retirement becomes less important when you have the right strategy in place. We believe what truly matters in retirement is creating a monthly income stream that is guaranteed to last for the rest of your life. That means having a predictable paycheck every month to cover all your expenses, just like you had during your working years. Interest rate fluctuations, stock market volatility, inflation, and the national debt will all be a constant flux during a retiree’s life; what doesn’t change is the need for consistent, steady, predictable monthly income during retirement.

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Help Reduce or Eliminate Some Taxes

Harvard Business Review published a groundbreaking retirement income study completed by Robert C. Merton, a recipient of the 1997 Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. In the paper, Dr. Merton concluded that “Our approach to saving is all wrong: We need to think about monthly income, not net worth.” 1The good news is that baby boomers are living longer than any other generation. The bad news is, you are now required to fund for a longer retirement.

The Harvard Business Review study revealed rules for a successful retirement in life. The three rules are:

Guaranteed income must be risk free! According to experts, the top safe vehicles are Government Bonds, CD's and Fixed Annuities

Risk free retirement income must last for life and never go down

Retirement income must go up to keep pace with inflation

Maximizing Retirement Income: Understanding Risks and Crafting Strategies

Dr. Merton stated that rather than trying to make people smarter about investments, we need to create a smarter dialogue about how plan providers can help them achieve their income goals. Retirement is about income, not net worth.

It’s important to know we’ve divided this book into two parts. The first section breaks down all the possible "Retirement Risks" you may face. These are real dangers that could pose a threat to your financial retirement success. Could you see yourself going back to work at the age of seventy-five because your plan wasn’t as secure as you thought?

The second part of the book addresses ways to protect yourself from the “Retirement Risks” discussed in section one. Often times, many of these risks can be avoided by having the right strategies in place.

Throughout the second part of this publication, you will find references to strategies designed to get you up to 33% more in retirement income than by using traditional income strategies. The 33% is an increase in your total retirement income. There are several strategic features that can be utilized to achieve income goals.

If your goal is to achieve a secure and steady retirement while ensuring that the money you have will last you for the rest of your life, this book may be just what you’re looking for. What you won’t find in this book are any hot tips on what stocks to invest in or a one size fits all solution. What you will find is how to create guaranteed income- for-life for you and your spouse and how to double that income during retirement to pay for qualifying health care related costs. In addition, we’ll teach you ways to receive lifetime increasing income to help combat inflation.

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